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German classes London

German Classes in London and Online with Experienced Native Tutors

German class in London at Olesen Tuition
German classes near you

Top-rated German classes near you

If you enjoy learning German in a group but prefer a more personalised experience than large classes provide, our German courses tailored for 4-7 students per class are perfect for you. With the highest number of 5-star reviews on Google, ProvenExpert, and Trustpilot in London, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent in-person German courses in London and engaging online German classes. Our courses are designed for swift progress in the language, led by experienced native German tutors well-versed in effective German learning strategies. Whether you are starting as a beginner or are already at an advanced level, our German classes offer the precise support needed for you to learn German properly. Our classes are held at our office in Hampstead, in South Kensington and in the City of London, so regardless of where you are in London, you'll find a suitable class near you.

Why you should choose our German language courses

Benefit from top-notch teaching provided by fully-qualified native German tutors, each with a minimum of 10 years of teaching experience.

Optimal Class Size

Experience effective learning in small groups of 4-7 permanent students, ensuring an ideal environment for rapid German language acquisition.

Classes Options For Everyone

We offer in-person classes at our Hampstead office, our South Kensington and City of London locations, online German classes, and hybrid alternatives that allow you to choose for every class whether you would like to participate remotely or in-person. 

Highest-Rated Classes in London

Our German classes are highest-rated German language courses in London with excellent reviews on Google, ProvenExpert, and Trustpilot.


Try our first class, and if you enjoy it, commit to just 5 or 10 classes at a time. This flexible approach allows you to choose dates that align with your availability.

Classes For Any Schedule

Whether you prefer classes before or after work, during the day, or on weekends, we offer German courses to suit any schedule.

How we run our German courses and our pricing options

Unlike other German language schools, we don't ask for a lump sum payment for the entire course upfront. Instead, you have the opportunity to try your first class for a nominal fee of £40 for a 90-minute session before making any further commitments. Simply select your preferred class from the German course options below and click on "Trial Class" to secure your spot. If you enjoy the trial class and wish to continue, we'll then offer three pricing plans.

Standard Rate (£210)

  • Five consecutive classes.

  • No cancellations are permitted under this rate.

  • Receive Zoom recordings or lesson notes of missed sessions for catch-up.

Flex Rate (£220)

  • Select five dates within a two-month period based on your availability.

  • Reschedule one date within the same period with more than 24 hours' notice.

  • Unused sessions roll over into the next block of classes.

  • Zoom recording provided for missed classes with shorter notice.

Saver Rate (£400)

  • Ten consecutive classes, our most cost-effective option.

  • Receive Zoom recordings for any missed classes to ensure you stay on track.

All payments renew automatically until cancelled.


Our German classes don't adhere to a term-based or fixed-week structure. Rather, classes continue for as long as our students desire (excluding holidays), progressing from one level to another. Students work with us until they achieve their language goals, whether that means being conversational or even fluent in the language. Our commitment is to provide a dynamic and personalised learning journey tailored to your preferences and aspirations.

If you're unsure about your current level, we recommend arranging a free assessment with us. Please note that while assessments are complimentary, you need to commit to trial class to secure your assessment slot. All our courses can be joined after their official start date, if clients have the appropriate level. And if you cannot find a course at time that suits you, just contact us to express your interest and join our waiting list. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Germa courses inLondon and online

German Courses in London and Online

How to choose the right London German classes for you

Whether you're embarking on your German language journey for the first time or returning to enhance your skills, finding the ideal course is crucial. Here's how you can get started:

Beginners: If you're new to German, you can easily enrol in one of our beginner courses (A1.1 level) right away.

Previous Experience: For those with prior German language experience and a clear understanding of their proficiency level, navigate to our current schedule. Select the class that aligns with your skills and goals.

Assessment: If you're uncertain about your proficiency level, we recommend arranging a free assessment. This evaluation helps us determine your current level and guide you to the most suitable German course. Please note that while assessments are complimentary, a commitment to and payment for a trial class are necessary to secure your assessment slot.

Accelerated Learning: Should you wish to fast-track your progress, consider attending multiple classes per week. Get in touch with us, and we'll customise a series of classes tailored to your specific needs.

Meet Our Team

Meet our exceptional team of German tutors. Our dedicated teachers bring a wealth of experience, cultural insight, and linguistic expertise to each class. With their dynamic teaching methods and unwavering commitment to student success, they transform your journey of learning German into an inspiring and rewarding experience. 

Online German Courses

Online German courses vs. in-person German classes in London

Some language learners are concerned that online German courses might be less effective than traditional in-person classes. Based on our first-hand experience as German tutors for many years, we are convinced that when it comes to effectiveness, the medium of instruction is not the decisive factor. Our online German courses offer an immersive and interactive learning experience comparable to in-person classes. Leveraging advanced technologies, our virtual classrooms foster real-time engagement, personalised attention, and dynamic interactions. You get the same expert guidance from native tutors with years of experience, ensuring a high-quality educational journey. So, in the end, it is simply a atter of personal preference.

How we organise our German classes for optimal learning

In our German courses, we prioritise an intimate class size to provide ample opportunities for honing spoken German and enhancing listening comprehension. Each session is designed to be engaging, striking a balance between enjoyable learning experiences and comprehensive language development. Structured around intriguing texts spanning various topics, our classes aim to enrich your vocabulary and bolster your confidence in using the language. We firmly believe in making language learning both enjoyable and thorough, ensuring that each class contributes to your overall linguistic proficiency.

Recognising the pivotal role of grammar in language acquisition, we dedicate time in every session to cover essential topics. Starting with the foundational aspects of German word order, we progress to delve into the intricacies of the four cases, prepositions, and adjective endings. Over the years, our grammar training has proven highly effective, earning our students commendations for their proficiency in German. For a deeper insight into our teaching methodology and grammar explanations, explore our German language blog "Auf Deutsch, bitte!". Further details about our approach are available on our website.

Reviews of our German classes London

Lucie D.

"Jens is an amazing teacher, very passionate and enthusiastic, and always happy to answer your questions. I started the course 3 months before moving to Berlin and I am now using everything we have learned, it has been so useful!"

Laura K.

"Attended the group classes for about a year before moving to Berlin and it was the best decision ever. I'm now able to find my way around and I can easily build on the knowledge I already have. Doing evening classes can be tough sometimes but it was always fun with Jens as he has a great attitude towards teaching and he always has his inventive ways how to exlain the grammar. Thanks, Jens!"

Rueben C.

"Jens is a brilliant teacher. Knowledgable yet funny, professional yet easygoing. He actually makes learning German fun! I only had lessons for a few months before moving to Germany. However, in that time Jens helped me build a solid foundation in German. If my next tutor is half as good as Jens I'll be happy."
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