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Find out more about the German language, the importance of understanding its grammar and about my German language lessons.

German Group Lessons in London with an Oxford-educated native German tutor with 18 years of teaching

Hello, Do you want to learn or improve your German with a fully qualified native tutor but not pay for more expensive one-to-one tuition? Then group lessons with other motivated students who are at same level might be ideal for you. My name is Jens. I'm the founder and director of Olesen Tuition and I have worked as a German tutor for the past 18 years and university teacher for 6 years. I'm now forming groups of different sizes with students at different levels of German. For more information, please check www.olesentuition.co.uk/german-classes-london I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks, Jens

German is 75% grammar and 25% words

Well. Like any other generalisation, this statement simplifies things of course. However, getting a good understanding of grammar might be more important in the process of learning German than in many other languages, and paradoxically perhaps, more important than learning vocabulary. Of course you can't say anything without knowing the words to express your ideas, but once you know a fair share of words you hit the brick wall of German grammar soon after. One of the most important lessons that students need to learn is thus how to send their ideas through a grammar filter to check what they can actually say in German when translating from their mother tongue and where they need to place wor

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