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Find out more about the German language, the importance of understanding its grammar and about my German language lessons.

Learning German post-Brexit

A lot has been written and speculated since the referendum about what Brexit actually means, the effects it might have on the UK and on Europe. Yet, one thing is certain: in a globalised world, no country can survive alone. So interacting with other nations and people remains as important as it's been before for the UK. Perhaps it becomes even more important post-Brexit as agreements will need be renegotiated and new deals be made. It is in this context that foreign languages do play a vital role, and German in particular. Why? In this phase of uncertainty and beyond, being able to communicate with business partners and companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in German will make your m

GCSE German Tuition London, A Level German Lessons London, IB German Revision, Goethe Certificates &

German is not an easy language, so studying for exams can be stressful and time-consuming. Unless you get help from a qualified native tutor. I have 18 years of experience in preparing students for exams such as The certificates of the Goethe Institut (from A1 to C2) Test DaF (all levels) DIHK (for Business German) GCSE German (Edexcel, AQA) AS level German (Edexcel, AQA) A level (A2) German (Edexcel, AQA) International Baccalaureate and French Bac. in German University exams at Bachelor, Masters and PhD-level. While I deploy similar strategies to those laid out here, the focus lies on getting the best possible result in the exam. I will tailor texts and grammar exercises relevant to the spe

German Lessons London and Online. One-to-one German Tuition with Qualified Teacher

Private German lessons are the most effective way to learn or improve your German. While my lessons are tailored to your specific needs and requirements, they typically involve training in conversational German, which allows you to actually speak and understand the language; the rules of German grammar, which gives you the confidence of knowing that you master the language; reading comprehension, which enables you to get the gist as well as the details of increasingly complicated texts and expands your vocab range; writing texts in German, so that you can test what you have learnt and see the progress that you have made. Structure of my private German lessons For each of my German lessons I

German Lessons for Companies in London. In-company German language training

Whether your company is already doing business with German-speaking clients or looking to expand into Germany, Austria or Switzerland, research has shown that communicating in English is not nearly as fruitful as speaking to your clients in their native language. Having been educated at RWTH Aachen University, the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford, I have seventeen years of experience tutoring business clients in the German language, in one-to-one tuition, group lessons and seminar formats. Throughout my teaching career I have developed a range of specific techniques and teaching materials that I will tailor to your objectives and your businesses’ requirements, for exam

Native German Tutor in London - My Aims in Teaching German

As a native German tutor, the aim of my lessons is that my students read, write, understand and speak my mother tongue to the best of their abilities. Being a native speaker puts me in the position of working on my student's German in all aspects of language learning- from improving their pronunciation and comprehension of German words, expanding their vocabulary in "Hochdeutsch" (standardised German) and colloquial German, to perfecting their understanding of the intracicies of German grammar. Throughout my teaching career, I have brought over one hundred students up to fluency and many more to intermediate level with a unique combination of tailored vocabulary training, solid grammar found

How to master the German language and tame your inner demons. The road to fluency is a rocky one.

The German language is widely considered to be one of the most difficult languages in Europe, if not in the world. So when people decide to learn it, they usually have a good reason- be it that they need to pick up the language for work, because their partner is from a German-speaking country or that they must demonstrate a certain level of competence in a foreign language for their course of study. Yet, however convincing their reason might look on paper, they almost inevitably face considerable 'ups and downs' in their motivation and attitude towards the language. Why? Because learning German is very frustrating at times. So much so that students almost always come to the point where they

Useful Links and Books for German Students

Beginners to intermediate level German students http://www.nachrichtenleicht.de (news in simple German) http://www.dw.com/en/learn-german/s-2469 (various resources) http://mein-deutschbuch.de (grammar exercises and explanations) http://www.schubert-verlag.de/aufgaben/uebungen_a1/a1_uebungen_index.htm http://www.schubert-verlag.de/begegnungen_a1.php (a1 book) http://www.schubert-verlag.de/begegnungen_a2.php? PHPSESSID=69c1f08bf0b40bb88a3a326d93a188d8 http://www.schubert-verlag.de/begegnungen_b1.php?PHPSESSID=69c1f08bf0b40bb88a3a326d93a188d8 https://quizlet.com (flash/index cards app) https://www.memrise.com (vocabulary app) https://www.duolingo.com/course/de/en/Learn-German-Online (vocabulary

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