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Find out more about the German language, the importance of understanding its grammar and about my German language lessons.

Does Germany have islands? Yes, it does!

Many of my German students are surprised when they learn that Germany has islands. Who could blame them. This photo was shot on Amrum and shows Pancho's Burg. A castle made of jetsam. Though it's a small island in the North Sea, it boasts one of the largest sandy beaches in Europe #amrum#germany #beaches

Feiert man Halloween in Deutschland?

Halloween und Deutschland? Viele denken, das passt nicht zusammen. Dieser Autor widerspricht. Was denkt ihr?http://www.stern.de/familie/kinder/daddylicious/daddylicious-dieses--halloween--ist-gut--6826732.html #halloween#deutschland #germany

The very beginning of my website

This time last year my website was still in the planning stages. Let me know what you think about the result www.olesentuition.co.uk

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