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Find out more about the German language, the importance of understanding its grammar and about my German language lessons.

Happy New Year!

Wishing all my students a very happy 2018! Thank you for working with me this past year. Your loyalty means a lot to me. I look forward to resuming our lessons in the New Year. All the best, Jens.

Why do Germans watch Dinner for One?

Same procedure as every year? Millions of Germans watch “Dinner for One” on New Year’s Eve and get drunk 😅 Check it out here m.youtube.com/watch?v=zVd_VL… Do we have a sense of humour after all 😂? Happy New Year! #germans #NewYearsEve #dinnerforone #HappyNewYear2018 #ByeBye2017

Kick off the New Year with a  Bang!

Do you want to kick off the New Year with a bang and join a German course that makes you learn German fast? Then sign up for one of my new intensive German courses. Learn more here https://www.olesentuition.co.uk/intensive-german-courses-London #newyear #newyearsresolution #2018 #germanclasses #germancourses #olesentuition

Fast-Pace German Courses

Are you looking for a fast-paced German intensive course that suits your schedule, where you only pay for the classes you actually attend? Then check out my new evening and weekend courses https://www.olesentuition.co.uk/intensive-german-courses-london. Any questions? Email me at jens@olesentuition.co.uk #intensivegermancourse #learngermanfast #germancourses #germanlessons #germanclasses #london

New Year’s Resolutions Anyone? Learn German!

You love Berlin but you’re embarrassed that your German is pretty much non-existent? Then it’s time to change that in 2018. Get your German up and running with one of our new German courses for up to 5 students, taught by an Oxford-educated German tutor with 19 years of experience. Sounds good? Then check our schedule of classes here https://www.olesentuition.co.uk/German-classes-London and sign up by emailing us at jens@olesentuition.co.uk #2018 #newyearsresolutions #learngerman #olesentuition

Learn German properly

You tried the apps, you took a course (half-heartedly, of course), and you still don't quite know how to get by when you go to Germany? Then you better bite the bullet and learn German properly with one of my new small-group German classes for up to 5 students. There will be lots of grammar, a strict teacher who spots laziness a mile off, but it will still be a fun and really worthwhile experience all around 😁 Well, if you study, that is 😂 https://www.olesentuition.co.uk/german-classes-london #youbetterstudy #learninggerman #canbefun #germanteacher #germantutor #germangrammar #germanlanguagelessons #germanlanguagecourses #germanlanguageclasses #germaninlondon #london #uk #brexit #duolingo

What do you love about Berlin? Tell us here!

Many of my intensive course students are working hard on their German because they want to move to Berlin next year. What do you love about Berlin? Tell us here 🙂 Find out more about my intensive German courses on https://www.olesentuition.co.uk/intensive-german-courses-london #berlin #iloveberlin #movingtogermany

Want to learn German fast, but not sure how? Here’s how!

‪Join one of my new intensive German courses with up to 5 students and learn German properly https://www.olesentuition.co.uk/intensive-german-courses-london #German #germanclasses #germanlessons #germanlanguage #germangrammar #learnGerman #germanteacher #deutschkurs #deutschunterricht #london #berlin #movetogermany ‬

Merry Christmas!

Not quite Claridge’s spectacular @karllagerfeld-designed Christmas tree 🎄, but decent enough to wish everyone a very happy Christmas @claridgeshotel @comohotels @maalifushi #merrychristmas #christmas #maldives #germantutor #germanlessons #germanclass #germancourse #learngerman #olesentuition

What’s Traditional German Christmas Like?

Ever wondered what a traditional German christmas looks like? Here you go. Alas, it's in German :) #loriot #weihnachtenbeihoppenstedts youtu.be/MSY71JNvmhI via @YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSY71JNvmhI @viccovonbuelow #evelynhamann #olesentuition

New Intensive German Courses for 5 Students

Are you looking to learn German fast? Then sign up for our new intensive German course for absolute beginners. The class is for a maximum number of only 5 students and therefore ideal to progress quickly in the language. The course is taught by Jens Olesen, the founder of Olesen Tuition. Jens is an Oxford-educated native German tutor with 19 years of teaching experience. Find out more on https://www.olesentuition.co.uk/intensive-german-courses-london or email Jens directly at jens@olesentuition.co.uk

New German Classes and Intensive German Courses from January 2018

Looking to learn or improve your German? Then I might have something for you. I offer several new small-group German classes and intensive German courses for up to only 5 students, starting in January. What's your #newyearsresolution ? Let me guess - to #learngerman? Great. Then check out my schedule of classes below. Any questions or to sign up for one of my classes, please just email me at jens@olesentuition.co.uk. To find out more about my classes and intensive courses, check out my website at https://www.olesentuition.co.uk/german-classes-london and https://www.olesentuition.co.uk/intensive-german-courses-lo…#germantutor #germanteacher #germanclasses #germanlessons#germanlanguagelessons

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