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Evening German courses London

A1.2 German Course Mondays 7.30-9pm

Hybrid German course for beginners with some prior knowledge. Start date 8th of January 2024

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Olesen Tuition- The German Lessons Specialist

Service Description

This course is suitable for students with some prior knowledge in the language who have recently completed an A1.1 course or studied German up to GCSE. In this course, we build on what you have previously learned and discuss among other things   * how to arrange and cancel appointments * plural rules of German nouns * vocabulary useful for shopping in a supermarket * German modal verbs * separable verbs (trennbare Verben) * the first past tense (Perfekt) * how to book and talk about holidays * the imperative in German * Dative and Genitive case * direct and indirect pronouns * further practice on adjective declensions * describing your flat/house * two-way prepositions  * discussing events and occasions such as birthdays, holidays (Christmas, Easter etc.) * the future tense in German The course is designed for rapid progress in the language and practices all four skills- reading, writing, listening, and of course speaking. Due to its small size, everyone gets to participate and receives individual feedback, which makes the class fun and engaging. We use a textbook as our main resource along with additional material to practice German grammar. After you signed up, we will email you the Zoom link for the course and send you the material for the first few sessions. Since it is a hybrid course, you are of course welcome to attend the course in person. It is possible to join this course after the start date if you book some revision lessons with us first. Please contact us for for more information.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

In order to guarantee that the classes can run as planned, we ask our clients to firmly commit to a block of five dates that correspond with their deposit payment for five classes. Failure to attend the classes on those five dates means that the full classes fee will be charged. One of the classes can be rescheduled free of charge within one calendar month if attendance is cancelled with more than 24 hours' notice. Otherwise, the full fee for that class will be deducted from the deposit payment. Unfortunately, deposits are non-refundable. Once clients have signed up for a course, they stay enrolled until they inform us by email of their wish to withdraw from the course and terminate the contract. This email needs to reach us at least 24 hours prior to the start

Contact Details

  • 29 Daleham Gardens, London, UK


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