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July 20, 2016


Private German lessons are the most effective way to learn or improve your German. While my lessons are tailored to your specific needs and requirements, they typically involve training in


  • conversational German, which allows you to actually speak and understand the language;

  • the rules of German grammar, which gives you the confidence of knowing that you master the language;

  • reading comprehension, which enables you to get the gist as well as the details of increasingly complicated texts and expands your vocab range;

  • writing texts in German, so that you can test what you have learnt and see the progress that you have made.


Structure of my private German lessons


For each of my German lessons I prepare a text that is tailored to your level and on a topic of your interest, which we will read in the first part of the lesson. In the course of discussing the text, you will pick up around twenty new words in each session. I believe that it needs at least three repetitions for a new word to stick, so I make sure to come back to the new words you learnt and phrase sample sentences to show how the word is used in context.


In the second part of the lesson I will focus on grammar, usually starting with the most important rules concerning German word order in both main and subordinate clauses. In class as well as at home, you will fill out grammar exercises that will allow you to test what you have learnt. My grammar training has proven to be so successful over the years that I am currently preparing this material for publication. 


At the end of our lesson you will have practiced and improved your conversational skills, picked up new words, and will have learnt about at least one aspect of German grammar. At home, you will then be asked to produce a text that we will correct outside of our lessons. We will therefore cover listening, speaking, reading, writing.

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