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Happy Valentine's Day in German

Updated: Feb 10

In German-speaking countries, many Anglo-American holidays or significant days inevitably make their way into the German language without being translated. Recent examples include Halloween and Black Friday. In this blog post, I'll explain how to wish someone a happy Valentine's Day in German.

Valentine's Day, known as "Valentinstag" in German, has been celebrated in Germany since the 1950s. While its customs are fairly similar to those in the UK and USA—such as buying roses for your loved one and going out for a romantic dinner—Valentinstag is generally a more subdued affair in Germany compared to other parts of the Western world. Some even regard it as nothing more than a commercial invention aimed at boosting sales. Nevertheless, you might be curious about how to wish someone a Happy Valentine's Day in German.

We typically say:

  • "Alles Liebe zum Valentinstag" (literally, "all the love for Valentine's Day") or

  • "Alles Gute zum Valentinstag" ("all the best for Valentine's Day").

So there you have it. Now, go ahead and pick some flowers!



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