Testimonials of my German lessons

Testimonials of Olesen Tuition's German lessons in London and online

I couldn’t recommend Jens highly enough.  He combines a serious and professional approach with a charming and amusing personality making (re)learning German a real pleasure. I had been unhappy with my Goethe group course and was about to give up; having discovered Jens I’m really pleased I didn’t!

Lars S.

Travel Industry

Jens is a great teacher. He knows how to keep the session friendly and open while simultaneously keeping the teaching on track. This way it never feels boring or difficult. The grammar that can normally feel difficult and clunky seems to slip in without effort making the session feel fun and light rather than a heavy, back breaking lesson.

Gerad K.


Jens Olesen is the best teacher with whom I have ever studied.  A man of tremendous sensitivity and compassion, he really understands not only the linguistic needs of his students, but the emotional requirements as well.  He works wonders to help students overcome the anxieties of approaching a challenging language for the first time. He is highly professional, dedicated, reliable, and he has a great sense of humour to boot.  I would recommend him without any reservations whatsoever.

Eric K.


Jens is a first-class language teacher: his lessons are interesting, fun and thorough. As an opera conductor he's always been able to cater for my specific needs with the German language. He's always got the balance between being patient and pushing me hard spot on. I couldn't recommend him strongly enough.

Harry O.

Conductor and Pianist

I had quite an ambitious goal at the start of learning German, which was to get my German good enough to enable me to study at Masters level in Germany less than a year after. I was often told that it was impossible.. but then I met Jens. We had a wonderful, albeit challenging, ten months working together as he shaped me from a complete beginner to a very proud C1-certificate holder. It is no exaggeration to say that Jens was an excellent teacher.

Natasha A.

Masters student

Jens is a dedicated and engaging tutor who goes above and beyond for his students. In my experience, he's never shied away from answering my multitude of queries; be it nonsensical or sometimes downright stupid. His tireless attitude is refreshing and I would highly recommend him to people who wish to master, rather than merely grasp, the German language.

Angelo L.


Jens’ tutorials struck the perfect balance between laying a solid grammatical foundation (much needed in my case) and introducing a range of useful everyday topics. His academic background and clearly extensive, German-teaching experience put his sessions streets ahead of other teaching I have experienced. He’s a nice guy too!

Paddy G.

PhD student

Jens Olesen's style of teaching is a perfect fit for I believe, most students. His passion for academic subjects and his warm sense of humor make for both productive and enjoyable lessons. Jens' talent is in his ability to analyse very quickly what methods and techniques would be best for his student's learning, which is why he is such a popular and favored tutor!

Catherine D.

Student and shop manager

Jens is epic. He is the best German tutor ever!

Phil J.


I have been taught by Jens over the past six months. Although I spoke little to no German before I met Jens, I have now become a competent writer and speaker of the language. I intend to study a language-based subject in a German university within the coming years and both Jens and I believe this to be an achievable aim, given the distance we have made in the past six months and what this illustrates about my capacity to work under Jens's rigorous and holistic guidance. As a teacher myself, I have been impressed by the way Jens teaches. By attending not only to the normative demands of teaching a language but also to the specific needs, rich idiosyncrasies and irreducible particularity of the student before him (me), Jens has shown me that, instead of indiscriminately applying language like an iron to those one teaches, one should, as he does, facilitate and participate in the development of each student's own relationship with a language in both its most practical and imaginative of applications. Thanks!

Toby B.

English tutor

Jens has introduced me to German through his well organised and interesting teaching. He always discusses topics at the right level and brings lots of energy to classes. Jens is a fantastic teacher and you can't go wrong with him!

James B.

Hospital Manager

I have been studying German with Jens for nearly a year and have found him to be a really good teacher, patient and encouraging, ensuring we concentrate on my weaker areas so I continue to make progress.  The main focus of each lesson varies between grammar and reading/discussing texts on a variety of topics which have introduced me to a wide range of new vocabulary.  Jens also has a wonderful range of signals to indicate if I go wrong when speaking so I can correct myself.  I still have lots to learn but enjoy the lessons and definitely feel much more confident with my German now than when I started.

Anne E.


Jens provides lessons that work around my schedule, and tailors each session to help me read, write and speak German in fun, memorable ways. It's amazing to look back and see how much I have improved. I would happily recommend him to friends.

Rachael F.

Client Services & Marketing

I was beyond beginners level German and wanted one-on-one instruction tailored to my specific needs. Jens is very professional, knowledgable, and friendly, and identifies your strengths and weaknesses, and finds exercises, examples, and assignments to help you achieve more advanced levels of language comprehension. He also identifies your own goals and interests, and assigns homework based on that, making for a more useful and relatable language learning experience.

Tira S.


When I met Jens I had almost no knowledge of German language, a year later I can speak and understand enough to feel empowered and excited! Expect über-professional attitude but some humour as well!

Patrick K.

Web designer and artist

Our children love Jens as a teacher. He is great fun, thus motivating as well as at the same time productive and keen to guarantee academic progress of each child.

Ulrich J.

Managing Director

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