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German is not an easy language, so studying for exams can be stressful and time-consuming. Unless you get help from a qualified native tutor. I have over 20 years of experience in preparing students for 


Private German tuition*

£80 / hour

Group lessons*

£40 / 90 mins per person

* including traveling expenses within zones 1 and 2, teaching material (most of which I have designed myself) and homework correction outside of lessons.


For tuition outside of zones 1 and 2, as well as intensive German courses, please contact me for a tailored quote.


Please note that my tuition is subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy. In the event of a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice, the full fee will be charged.

German exam preparation with an experienced native tutor

90% of my students have passed their Goethe-Institut exams with an overall score of 80% or higher. All of them passed have their exams. One of my recent students who took the B1 exam at the Goethe Institut after five months of German tuition passed with flying colours, achieving an average score of over 90%. Four months later, she also passed the C1 exam with 77%. C1 is the second highest level and enables you to study and work in Germany. In other words, she went from knowing just a few German words to fluency in nine months. Whilst this is exceptional, getting to advanced level German in less than a year is a feasible goal for really committed students.

Track record of my German exam tutorials


While I deploy similar strategies to those laid out here, the focus lies on getting the best possible result in the exam. I will tailor texts and grammar exercises relevant to the specific exam, and run through practice papers with you to explain the typical questions and requirements. Having prepared hundreds of students for all the qualifications named above, I am confident that my approach and experience will help you to achieve your aims.

I also prepare students for GCSE German and A-Level German exams as an outside option if their schools do not offer German. Enhanced DBS and references upon request.

Over 95% of my students studying toward GCSE, AS-Level, A-Level, IB or the French Baccalaureate have achieved A* or the equivalent with an average preparation time of four to eight months of weekly two-hour tuition. 

Intensive GCSE German and A-Level German Classes


Prepare for your exam in private one-to-one tuition or join one of my small group classes with up to 6 students. With regard to private tuition, my lessons are tailored to your needs and the time is arranged by us individually. So just contact me to arrange your lessons. As far as group classes are concerned, you will find my new courses below.

To protect the safety of our students, please note that our exam preparation classes are held via Zoom for the foreseeable future. The app is free of charge to our clients and ideal for high-quality tuition.

GCSE German Classes and IGCSE German Courses

Sundays 4-5.30pm NEW  Intensive German Course (start date 4th of October. Sign up now as spaces are limited to six students per class)

Wednesdays 6-7.30pm NEW  Intensive German Course (start date 7th of October. Sign up now as spaces are limited to six students per class)

Thursdays 5.45-7.15pm NEW  Intensive German Course (start date 8th of October; taught by Jens. Sign up now as spaces are limited to five students per class)

AS and A-Level German Classes 

Sundays 4-5.30pm NEW  Intensive German Course (start date 4th of October. Sign up now as spaces are limited to six students per class)

Sundays 7-8.30pm NEW  Intensive German Course (start date 4th of October. Sign up now as spaces are limited to five students per class)

Wednesdays 6-7.30pm NEW  Intensive German Course (start date 7th of October. Sign up now as spaces are limited to six students per class)

Thursdays 5.45-7.15pm NEW  Intensive German Course (start date 8th of October; taught by Jens. Sign up now as spaces are limited to five students per class)

Try the first lesson at my normal rate before you commit to however many classes you'd like to attend. If you miss a lesson, we can meet for a catch-up lesson at the rate of £60 per hour, which you could split with others who also missed the class.

Unsure what's best for 


Then let's meet for an assessment and consultation session where I advise you on the various options I can offer you. My assessments include reading, comprehension, speaking and writing exercises, in order to determine your current level of German. These sessions are 15-25 minute lessons with me and the fee is £30. Contact me here and book your session now.


I teach full time, seven days a week. German lessons can take place at my students' home, quiet cafes in Central London, remotely over the internet or at my office in Camden Town. 

Let's arrange a 'trial lesson' and discuss how we can achieve the best possible result in your German exam.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Jens is a brilliant teacher. I studied with him for 8 months via Skype to prepare for the language papers at German A-level. As a grammar teacher Jens is superb, both in explaining complex grammatical points and in particular in ensuring that his students develop a high level of accuracy. This is carried into all aspects of his teaching and provides an invaluable foundation. HIs lessons are always well-planned, with excellent resources and consistently challenging and interesting discussion. He is good at both incorporating relevant work for the A-level while going far beyond simply preparing one ‘for the exam’. Over the course of our lessons I noticed a significant improvement in my German and I would certainly go back to Jens in the future if I wished to take the language further. I cannot recommend him highly enough. 

Anna B.

A-level German tuition

About this time last year I was looking for a qualified German tutor for my son Steve. His German was really poor and he needed a good teacher, as he was about to take his GCSE in German. I tried various agencies (tutorfair, the Goethe-Institut), but neither of them offered us a tutor who was good enough. The tutors they sent us didn't really know what they were teaching, which was really frustrating. But then I found Jens. After only three months of German lessons with, Steve went from knowing almost knowing nothing to A* in his GCSE. A few months later my second son Adam worked with Jens as well because we want him to study in Germany (a cheaper and often better alternative to universities in this country, by the way). Like Steve, Adam only knew a few words of German, really. Having worked with Jens rather intensely for several months, Adam recently obtained the C1 certificate at the Goethe-Institut in London, which allows him to study in Germany. Do I need to say more? Jens is fantastic tutor, with a warm and kind personality and a good sense of humour to boot. Hope this helps.

Erin B.

Consultant; GCSE German tuition

I had quite an ambitious goal at the start of learning German, which was to get my German good enough to enable me to study at Masters level in Germany less than a year after. I was often told that it was impossible.. but then I met Jens. We had a wonderful, albeit challenging, ten months working together as he shaped me from a complete beginner to a very proud C1-certificate holder. It is no exaggeration to say that Jens was an excellent teacher.

Natasha A.

Masters student, Goethe-Institut C1 exam holder

I have been taught by Jens over the past six months. Although I spoke little to no German before I met Jens, I have now become a competent writer and speaker of the language. I intend to study a language-based subject in a German university within the coming years and both Jens and I believe this to be an achievable aim, given the distance we have made in the past six months and what this illustrates about my capacity to work under Jens's rigorous and holistic guidance. As a teacher myself, I have been impressed by the way Jens teaches. By attending not only to the normative demands of teaching a language but also to the specific needs, rich idiosyncrasies and irreducible particularity of the student before him (me), Jens has shown me that, instead of indiscriminately applying language like an iron to those one teaches, one should, as he does, facilitate and participate in the development of each student's own relationship with a language in both its most practical and imaginative of applications. Thanks!

Toby B.

English tutor, who passed his Goethe-Institut C1 exam with flying colours

Our children love Jens as a teacher. He is great fun, thus motivating as well as at the same time productive and keen to guarantee academic progress of each child.

Ulrich J.

Managing director

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