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Experienced Native German Tutors in London and Online

German Tutors in London and online at Olesen Tuition

Since its inception in 2015, Olesen Tuition has grown from a one-man tutoring business into the top-rated German language school in London with excellent client reviews (Google, ProvenExpertTrustpilot) and nine fully-qualified native German tutors. All of us are native German speakers with at least 10 years of teaching experience in German as a foreign language. On this page, you will learn more about us and the German lessons we offer. As a team, we teach our small German classes, private lessons, prepare for proficiency exams in the language, such as GCSE, A-level, Goethe certificates, and we offer German language training for companies in London and abroad. Our mission is to deliver high-quality German lessons tailored to our clients' objectives and we built a reputation of helping our clients learn German more quickly than our competitors.

Team of Experienced German Tutors at Olesen Tuiton

Meet Our Team of German Tutors

Why you should work with a native German tutor 

Work with a native German tutor

The aim of our German tuition is that our students read, write, understand and speak our mother tongue to the best of their abilities. Being native speakers puts us in the position of working on our students' German in all aspects of language learning - from improving their pronunciation and intonation of German words, expanding their vocabulary in "Hochdeutsch" (standardised German) to advancing their understanding of various idiosyncrasies in German grammar. Even though many of these aspects can of course be taught by a non-native teacher, only a trained native speaker of the language will know whether your choice of words is not only appropriate but also natural in the context in which you used it, and will be able to help you speak German without accent. 

Unlike other German tutors, we don't believe it is possible to focus exclusively on conversational German. While speaking German is an important part of the learning process, even the most basic of sentences tends to require a good understanding of several, often interconnected, grammar rules. Hence, a good understanding of German grammar is essential. Otherwise, you would run before you could walk, and unfortunately the latter strategy is often encouraged by tutors who follow a conversational approach. Instead, our lessons involve speaking, writing, reading, listening, and a thorough grammar training, so that you learn the language properly. 

Our approach as German tutors in London

Our approach to teaching German- simple but correct

With absolute beginners to the German language, we start by looking at the basics, such as how to introduce yourself in German, express likes and dislikes in German, and talk about your hobbies. In the process, we explain the conjugation of regular and irregular verbs in German, and key rules regarding German syntax and introduce them to the cases in German and German prepositions. We also advise on the proper pronunciation of German words and point you to those letters that sound different than in English. While building your vocabulary on a range of topics from here on, our main focus will be to keep your sentences simple but correct, before gradually adding complexity as we move along. You'll find explanations of all relevant topics in German grammar, as well as an A-Z guide to grammar terms, on our German language blog "Auf Deutsch, bitte!"

Beginner German students often struggle to express their ideas not because their vocabulary is so basic but because they try to translate literally between their native language and German. Simple but correct stops students from translating by keeping their focus on German grammar, by showing them to simplify their ideas with ease and by encouraging them to make good use of the German words they have learnt. Even fairly complex ideas can be expressed in simple terms when you think of synonyms for what you'd like to say and you concentrate on bringing your point across. The advantages of this approach are grammatical accuracy and confidence in writing and speaking. As soon as our students have developed the flexibility to simplify with ease, we work towards increasing nuance and complexity of their sentences through text work, grammar training and discussions in class. 

Intermediate and advanced German students also benefit from our approach as it helps them to unlearn mistakes they made in the past and develop their fluency in speaking and writing. Having used and refined our method over the last 25 years that we have been teaching the language, we are convinced that our method will allow you to learn German properly.

Our German tutoring services in London and online

Whether you are looking for one-to-one lessons or prefer to learn in a small group, on the following pages you will find a course option that suits you. Private German tutoring and intensive German courses are designed for students who intend to progress quickly in the language through lessons that are tailored to their individual needs and interests. My German group classes are an affordable alternative to private lessons and ideal for those who learn best in a small group of like-minded students. We offer both adult group classes as well as German courses for kids and teens. If you intend to learn German for work or you are looking for German lessons for your employees, my in-house German language training in London will help you achieve your aims. Finally, if you are studying for an exam in German and you are looking for support to get top marks, my German exam preparation tutorials will be the right option for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions. You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our German lessons here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Jens and his team

Tony B., English tutor

I have been taught by Jens over the past six months. Although I spoke little to no German before I met Jens, I have now become a competent writer and speaker of the language. I intend to study a language-based subject in a German university within the coming years and both Jens and I believe this to be an achievable aim, given the distance we have made in the past six months and what this illustrates about my capacity to work under Jens's rigorous and holistic guidance. As a teacher myself, I have been impressed by the way Jens teaches. By attending not only to the normative demands of teaching a language but also to the specific needs, rich idiosyncrasies and irreducible particularity of the student before him (me), Jens has shown me that, instead of indiscriminately applying language like an iron to those one teaches, one should, as he does, facilitate and participate in the development of each student's own relationship with a language in both its most practical and imaginative applications. Thanks!

Anne E., Accountant

I have been studying German with Jens for nearly a year and have found him to be a really good teacher, patient and encouraging, ensuring we concentrate on my weaker areas so I continue to make progress. The main focus of each lesson varies between grammar and reading/discussing texts on a variety of topics which have introduced me to a wide range of new vocabulary. Jens also has a wonderful range of signals to indicate if I go wrong when speaking so I can correct myself. I still have lots to learn but enjoy the lessons and definitely feel much more confident with my German now than when I started

Paddy G., PhD student

Jens' tutorials struck the perfect balance between laying a solid grammatical foundation (much needed in my case)and introducing a range of useful every day topics. His academic background and clearly extensive German-teaching experience put his sessions streets ahead of other teaching I have experienced. He's a nice guy too!
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