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Learn German in London and online

Learn German in London and Online with an Experienced Native Tutor 

german lessons london

Olesen Tuition offers bespoke German language lessons and German group classes (2-5 students) for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners, taught by an Oxford-educated tutor with over 20 years of experience. Whether you know only a few words of German or you can already hold a conversation in the language, my German lessons will help you improve your German and give you the confidence to use it wherever possible. Having worked as a private tutor and university teacher for many years, I founded Olesen Tuition in 2015 to offer tailored German language instruction to students of all ages and levels who want to learn German.

Native tutors

My name is Jens Olesen. Originally from a town near Cologne in West Germany, I have worked as a German tutor for over 20 years and taught at the University of Oxford, the LSE and RWTH Aachen for 6 years. In my teaching career, I have brought thousands of students to fluency in the German language by tailoring my lessons to their needs and through thorough grammar training.

Evening German Class

Private German lessons are ideal for quick progress in the language, as the focus of the lessons is entirely on you and your individual needs. Working with my own material, my private tuition is tailored to your interests and with your progress in mind. My aim is to offer lessons that merge speaking practice, listening exercises, reading and writing tasks with well-balanced grammar training.

Learn German online

Small-group lessons are an affordable way to learn the language in a class with only 2-5 students. The weekly lessons are fast paced and combine speaking practice with grammar training in a relaxed learning environment. New classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students start regularly, so why don't you sign up for one today and learn German with me or my team

Olesen Tuition offers highly effective German lessons for everyone who wants to learn German, whether you are looking for one-on-one lessons or small group classes. We are proud to be listed as one of the best providers of German lessons on Googlewith the highest 5-star rating in the UK. Try one of our private lessons or small German classes now and learn German with us.

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