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Expert German Tutoring for all Qualifications in the German Language

GCSE German Lessons and A-Level German Tuition with an experinced German tutor
German exam preparation with an excellent native German tutor

German exam preparation with a qualified native tutor

GCSE German Tutor and A-Level German Tutor in London and Online

German is not an easy language, so studying for exams can be stressful and time-consuming. Unless you get help from a qualified native tutor. I'm Jens Olesen, the founder and director of Olesen Tuition- a German language school offering  effective exam preparation in German. Having been educated at RWTH Aachen, the LSE, and the University of Oxford, I have over 25 years of experience in preparing students for 


  • GCSE German (AQA, Pearson Edexcel)

  • IGCSE German (Cambridge Assessment, Pearson)

  • A-Level German (AQA, Edexcel)

  • International A-Level German (Pearson Edexcel)

  • IB German (standard and higher level) 

  • French Baccalauréate in German (Bac allemand)

  • Pre-U German (Cambridge Assessment)

  • Goethe-Institut exams and certificates (all levels, from A1 to C2)

  • Test DaF (all levels)

  • University exams at Bachelor, Masters and PhD-level.

Track record of my German exam preparation tutorials

Track record of my GCSE German and A-Level German tuition

Over 95% of my students studying toward GCSE/IGCSE, A-Level, IB, the French Baccalaureate, and Pre-U German have achieved top grade with an average preparation time of four to eight months of weekly German tuition. 

90% of my students have passed their Goethe-Institut exams with an overall score of 80% or higher. All of them passed have their exams. One of my recent students who took the B1 exam at the Goethe-Institut after five months of German tuition passed with flying colours, achieving an average score of over 90%. Four months later, she also passed the C1 exam with 77%. C1 is the second highest level and enables you to study and work in Germany. In other words, she went from knowing just a few German words to fluency in nine months. Whilst this is exceptional, getting to advanced level German in less than a year is a feasible goal for really committed students and with several lessons a week.

Why my students excel in their German exam

While I deploy similar strategies to those laid out on my methods page, my focus lies on getting the best possible result in your exam. I will tailor texts and grammar exercises relevant to your exam, and run through past papers provided by your exam board (from AQA, Cambridge Assessment to Pearson Edexcel) with you to explain typical questions and requirements, and give you advice on how to achieve full marks in all parts of your exam. Having prepared thousands of students for all qualifications in my native language, I am confident that my approach and experience will help you to achieve your aims.

I know that German is often taught poorly at schools. As a result, many students lack the motivation to work hard or do not have the confidence to believe that they could achieve an A or A*. That’s where my teaching experience proves to be an invaluable asset. I know how to establish a connection with my students and convince them that together we can get them to the top grade.

I also prepare students for GCSE German, A-Level German and all other exams as an outside option if their schools do not offer German. Enhanced DBS and references upon request.

Master IB German with Olesen Tuition

Our specialised IB German program prepares students for both Standard and Higher Level exams. With native-speaking tutors, many of whom are Goethe-Institute examiners, we offer comprehensive support in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Our personalised lessons ensure you master the curriculum and achieve top scores. Visit our IB German Tutor page for more details.

Excel in International A-Level German

Olesen Tuition provides tailored tutoring for International A-Level German. Our experienced tutors focus on grammar, vocabulary, and cultural topics, helping you excel in all exam components. We use proven methods to boost your confidence and performance. 

Achieve Success in Pre-U German

Our Pre-U German tutoring service is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the Cambridge Pre-U syllabus. We offer in-depth language and literature instruction, critical thinking exercises, and exam strategies. Our tutors' expertise ensures you are well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

Why Choose Olesen Tuition?

  • Expert Native Tutors: Over 15 years of teaching experience.

  • Personalised Lessons: Tailored to individual learning needs.

  • Proven Track Record: High success rates in exam preparation.

Comprehensive Exam Preparation

At Olesen Tuition, we offer detailed exam preparation lessons for IB, International A-Level, and Pre-U German. Our resources include past papers, interactive exercises, and targeted practice sessions to ensure you excel.

GCSE, A-level, IB, and Pre-U German classes with only 4-8 students per course

GCSE German, A-Level German, IB, Pre-U German Classes with A Fully-Qualified Native Tutor

Prepare for your exam with private one-to-one tuition or join one of my small group classes with up to eight students. With regard to private tuition, my lessons are tailored to your needs and the time is arranged by us individually. So just contact me to arrange your lessons. As far as group classes are concerned, you will find my new courses below.

Most of our exam preparation classes are held via Zoom to allow students who are not based in London to join. The app is free of charge to our clients and ideal for high-quality tuition. However, if you prefer in-person lessons, you could also join any of the courses mentioned below from our office in Hampstead.

Our German Exam Preparation

Anna B., A-Level German 

"Jens is a brilliant teacher. I studied with him for 8 months via Skype to prepare for the language papers at German A-level. As a grammar teacher Jens is superb, both in explaining complex grammatical points and in particular in ensuring that his students develop a high level of accuracy. This is carried into all aspects of his teaching and provides an invaluable foundation. His lessons are always well-planned with excellent resources and consistently challenging and interesting discussion. He is good at both incorporating relevant work for the A-level while going far beyond simply preparing one 'for the exam'. Over the course of our lessons, I noticed a significant improvement in my German and I would certainly go back to Jens in the future if I wished to take the language further. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Richard K., GCSE and A-Level German 

"Jens is simply excellent. We have used him for my son's GCSE and A-level, and he is unwaveringly perfectionist, 100% professional and very easy to deal with. His teaching is comprehensive, covering written and spoken German and examination curricula in all detail."

Charles P., IB German

"Jens is one-of-a-kind. Very impressive with his command of the intricacies of the German language, he also reads his students very well and matches their needs with a specific path to mastery designed for them. He is tough, though, and expects his students to put in effort, although when they don't, he doesn't harp on it, but simply moves forward, just as determined and tough as he was before. In the end, Jens accomplished getting my son to a level that other teachers said was impossible. Perhaps. But not with Jens."

You will find more client reviews on Google​ and Trustpilot

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