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Intensive German Courses in London and Online - Learn German Fast 

Intensive German Courses London and Online German Corses at Olesen Tuition
intensive German courses in London

Intensive German courses with a only 4-7 students

Learn German fast in London with Olesen Tuition

Learn German fast in our intensive German courses with up to only 7 students per class, taught by an Oxford-educated native German teacher with 25 years of experience and his team of excellent German tutors. Due to their small size, our German courses are ideal for students who are keen to make rapid progress in the language because every student is given individual feedback and plenty of opportunity to practice what they have learnt.

In each class we read and discuss texts on different topics, in order to build your vocabulary range and improve your confidence in using the language. Since grammar is such an important part of learning German, the course will also cover at least one grammar topic per class. We normally begin with the basics of German syntax, before we cover the four German cases, German pronounsprepositions, and adjective endings. We are well aware that grammar can be very daunting for students and terms quite confusing. That's why we explain German grammar in logical way and in simple terms. We have also written an A-Z guide on grammar terms, which many of our clients find extremely helpful.

How much do you charge for your intensive German courses?

We offer two options. You can either combine two, three or four of our weekly German courses for a period of five weeks or you book one of our 10-day intensive courses.

£400 for two German classes a week.

£600 for three classes a week.

£800 for four classes a week.

You'll find our complete list of classes below. If you're unsure which of the courses would work best in combination, just contact us a message and we're happy to advise.

If you're looking to devote a shorter period of time to making rapid progress in the language, then our 10-day intensive German courses are most suitable for you. They consist of 10 90 minute classes on each day of the course. The rate for the whole course is £495. Upon completion of the course, you will have moved up half a proficiency level, so from A1.1 to A1.2 or A1.2 to A2.1 etc. You'll also receive a certificate of attendance, if you participated in every class.

Intensive German Courses London and Online German Courses Schedule

Our Intensive German Courses

How do I choose the intensive German course that is best for me?

If you are absolute beginner and have never studied German before, you can simply sign up for any of our beginner German courses. If you have studied German before and you know your current level, you can either choose from one of the 10-day intensive courses above or check our current schedule of German classes and pick the classes that suit you best. Any of the listed courses can be combined. We carefully monitor each student's progress, so even if you choose classes that are taught by different teachers, our small team will ensure that your chosen classes form a coherent course without unnecessary repetition.

If you're unsure of your level, we should arrange an assessment to check your current level and discuss which class is best for you. Our 15-minute assessments are free of charge, but you need to commit to at least one of our group classes to book them. Just contact us to arrange such an assessment.

Whichever option works best for you, we look forward to working with you!

Lucie D.

"Jens is an amazing teacher, very passionate and enthusiastic, and always happy to answer your questions. I started the course 3 months before moving to Berlin and I am now using everything we have learned, it has been so useful!"

Laura K.

"Attended the group classes for about a year before moving to Berlin and it was the best decision ever. I'm now able to find my way around and I can easily build on the knowledge I already have. Doing evening classes can be tough sometimes but it was always fun with Jens as he has a great attitude towards teaching and he always has his inventive ways how to exlain the grammar. Thanks, Jens!"

Rueben C.

"Jens is a brilliant teacher. Knowledgable yet funny, professional yet easygoing. He actually makes learning German fun! I only had lessons for a few months before moving to Germany. However, in that time Jens helped me build a solid foundation in German. If my next tutor is half as good as Jens I'll be happy."

You will find more client reviews on Google​ and Trustpilot

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