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Jens Olesen- founder of Olesen Tuition

German Lessons in London and Online: Learn German with Expert Native Tutors

German lessons London and German lessons near me

Olesen Tuition offers private German lessons, small-group classes, corporate courses, and exam preparation tutorials with fully-qualified native tutors. Led by an Oxford-educated German tutor with over 25 years of teaching experience, our teachers are experts in their field and dedicated to delivering high-quality German language lessons at all levels.

Jens Olesen- Fully-Qualified German Tutor in London
German lessons near me
German classes London
Preparing for a German exam? Let our London German tutors help you

Private German Lessons in London and Online

Small German courses in 
London and online

Hello, my name is Jens Olesen. I'm the founder and director of  Olesen Tuition. I'm an Oxford-educated German tutor with over 25 years of experience in teaching the German language. On the following pages, you will find more information about our German tutors and the range of German lesson services we provide.

1:1 German tutoring is the perfect choice for those seeking a fast and tailored language learning experience. Our personalised private lessons are exceptionally effective, aiming for swift progress in mastering the German language. Secure your first lesson today and witness firsthand the effectiveness of our approach.

Learn German fast with only 4-7 students per class taught by excellent native German tutors. Our German courses cater to all levels, spanning from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2), and accommodate various schedules, including daytime, evenings, and weekends. Try one of our classes on a one-off basis and judge for yourself!

Receive expert assistance for your German exams from a certified native German tutor. Benefit from our outstanding track record, boasting a 95% success rate in achieving top grades across various proficiency exams, including GCSE German, A-level, IB, Pre-U, Test DaF, Goethe-Institut exams, as well as school entry and university examinations.

Learn German fast with Olesen Tuition- German lesson near me

Why Choose Our German Lessons in London

Despite the surging demand for German lessons in London over the past decade, high-quality teaching provided by certified native tutors is still difficult to find. In 2015, I founded Olesen Tuition with the specific goal of offering well-structured and professional German lessons taught by qualified native German tutors with a minimum of ten years of teaching experience. Today, Olesen Tuition is the highest-rated German language school in London with the most 5-star reviews on Google, ProvenExpert, and Trustpilot. Our commitment revolves around tailored German lessons that align with our students' learning objectives and prioritise their progress. Our German lessons seamlessly blend conversational practice, listening exercises, reading comprehension, and writing tasks, all while maintaining a well-rounded emphasis on grammar. This comprehensive approach ensures a dynamic and efficient learning experience, allowing for rapid progress in mastering the German language. 

All of our fully-qualified German tutors are native speakers, experts in teaching German as a foreign language, and have at least ten years of tutoring experience.

Learn German Fast 

Our lessons seamlessly integrate conversational German, listening exercises, reading and writing assignments, and a well-balanced focus on grammar. The result is a fast-paced and effective approach to learning German.

Excellent Reviews

Olesen Tuition is the top-rated German language school in London with the highest number of five star client reviews on Google, ProvenExpert, and Trustpilot.


Our lessons seamlessly integrate conversational German, listening exercises, reading and writing assignments, and a well-balanced focus on grammar. The result is a fast-paced and effective approach to learning German.

German lessons London with German tutors near me

German Lessons Near You Tailored To Your Objectives

Olesen Tuition offers bespoke German lessons in London and online for all levels and ages. Whether you are an absolute beginner, speaking at an intermediate level or even working towards fluency, you will find the right kind of support here to learn German properly, tailored to your individual objectives. The majority of our German lessons take place at our Hampstead office, as well as our locations in South Kensington and the City of London. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of conducting lessons at our clients' offices or in the comfort of their homes. Our services include:

  • Private German Lessons and Intensive Courses:

  • Small Group Classes:

    • Small German classes in London and online for adults of all levels, from beginners to advanced (A1-C2).

    • Foster an interactive and engaging learning environment with personalised attention.

  • Specialised German Courses for Young Learners:

  • Business German Courses and Language Training:

    • Equip yourself with language skills tailored for the professional arena with our business German courses.

    • Language training designed to meet the linguistic demands of various industries.

  • Exam Preparation Services:

    • Comprehensive exam preparation for all levels, including GCSE, A-Level German tuition, IB, and Goethe-Institut exams.

    • Boost confidence and excel in your German language examinations

No matter your learning objectives, Olesen Tuition is committed to enhancing your German proficiency and instilling the confidence to communicate effectively. Connect with us now and embark on your German learning journey in a convenient location near you.

Online German Lessons: Learn from Anywhere

Do you travel a lot or are based outside of London? No problem. Our online German lessons are just as effective as our in-person teaching. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our expert native tutors are here to guide you. Here's why you should enrol:

  • Flexible Learning: Tailored lessons to fit your schedule. Learn from the comfort of your home or anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Expert Tutors: Benefit from the expertise of native German tutors with over 25 years of teaching experience.

  • Personalised Approach: Lessons crafted to suit your proficiency level, ensuring effective and rapid progress.

  • Small Class Sizes: Engage in interactive sessions with just 4-7 students, fostering a conducive learning environment.

  • Proven Results: Boost your confidence with lessons designed for quick language acquisition.

Client reviews of our German lessons

The most important indicator of our success is the feedback we receive from our clients. We are very grateful for all the excellent reviews we have received. You will find some of their comments below. 

Erik K., Professor

"Jens Olesen is the best teacher with whom I have ever studied.  A man of tremendous sensitivity and compassion, he really understands not only the linguistic needs of his students, but the emotional requirements as well.  He works wonders to help students overcome the anxieties of approaching a challenging language for the first time. He is highly professional, dedicated, reliable, and he has a great sense of humour to boot.  I would recommend him without any reservations whatsoever."

Gerad K., Acupuncturist

"Jens is a great teacher. He knows how to keep the session friendly and open while simultaneously keeping the teaching on track. This way it never feels boring or difficult. The grammar that can normally feel difficult and clunky seems to slip in without effort making the session feel fun and light rather than a heavy, back breaking lesson."

Lars S.,Travel Industry

"I couldn’t recommend Jens highly enough.  He combines a serious and professional approach with a charming and amusing personality making (re)learning German a real pleasure. I had been unhappy with my Goethe group course and was about to give up; having discovered Jens I’m really pleased I didn’t!"

On our German language blog "Auf Deutsch, bitte!", you'll find a wide range of posts on the German language- ranging from adjective ending rules in German, the German cases, prepositions in German to German word order. We also discuss whether German is a difficult language to learn and how many words there are in the German language. So check out our blog.

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