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A-Level German Tutor In London and Online- 95% A* Results

A-Level German Tuition with an experinced A-levGerman tutorl
A-level German tutors London

A-level German tuition with an experienced native tutor

A-Level German Tutor London and Online

Preparing for A-level German can be a very stressful and time-consuming experience. Not only is German one of the most challenging European languages to learn, the gap in levels between GCSE and A-level German is much wider than many students anticipate. So doing well in your GCSE exams is by no means an indicator of success in your A-level German exams. Worse still, school teachers often do not give enough individual support students need in order to reach the level of German that will allow them to perform well. That's where I step in to help.

I'm Jens Olesen, the founder and director of Olesen Tuition- one of the UK's leading language schools specialising in German language lessons. We offer  effective exam preparation for A-level German with a proven track record of success. Having been educated at RWTH Aachen University, the London School of Economics, and the University of Oxford, I have over 25 years of experience in preparing students for A-level German and a thorough understanding of what is required to excel, irrespective of the exam board. I have also published a blog article with tips on how to get an A* in A-level German and A-level German revision guides on "der Besuch der alten Dame", "Das Leben der  Anderen", and "Der Vorleser",  which you might want to read,

Track record of my A-level German tuition

A-Level German tuition London With An Excellent Track Record

Over 95% of my students studying toward A-Level German have achieved an A* or A with an average preparation time of six to nine months of weekly German tuition. So how do I prepare my students for their exams?

While I deploy similar strategies to those laid out on my methods page, my focus lies on getting the best possible result in the exams. To that end, a solid foundation in German grammar is essential.  I therefore cover the main grammar topics, such as the use of German articles and German syntax rules, first before delving into aspects of German grammar whose understanding rests on one or both of the aforementioned topics, such as adjective declensions in German, prepositions, and relative clauses. Of course, grammar terms can be quite confusing, and so I have written an A-Z guide of the most important grammar terms which I explain with examples in both English and German. Grammar is not the only focus, of course. Just as important is the expansion of my students' vocabulary to the point where they can discuss a wide range of A-level themes, such as social media, climate change or German reunification, with nuance and sophistication. For that reason, I select or write texts on the core themes that encourage my students to critically engage with them, while picking up the necessary vocabulary along the way. In the run-up to the exam, I then tailor texts and grammar exercises relevant to the specific exams my students have to sit, run through past papers with them to explain typical questions and requirements, and give them advice on how to achieve full marks in all parts of their exams. Having prepared hundreds of students for A-level German, I am confident that my approach works.

Prepare for your exams with an experienced A-level German tutor and native speaker

I know that German is often taught poorly at schools. As a result, many students lack the motivation to work hard or do not have the confidence to believe that they could achieve an A or A*. That’s where my teaching experience proves to be an invaluable asset. I know how to establish a connection with my students and convince them that together we can get them to the top grade.

And of course, having an A-level in German under your belt can open many doors. Not only do university admissions committees of Oxford and Cambridge look very favourably at students' applications if they achieved an excellent exam result in German, the language also carries many advantages both academically (for subjects like music, medicine and the sciences) and economically. It is well known that some of the world's best training facilities and hospital equipment for doctors can be found in Germany. And in finance, many companies are actively looking for employees who are able to work with German-speaking clients in their own language because they know it allows them to close deals more easily, especially post-Brexit.

My team of German tutors and I also prepare students for A-level German exams as an outside option, if their schools do not offer German, and also offer general German courses for teenagers who want to learn German outside of school. Enhanced DBS and references upon request.

A-Level German Courses London With A Fully-Qualifed A-level German Tutor

1:1 A-level German tuition and A-level German courses

Prepare for your A-level exams with private one-to-one A-level German tuition or join one of my small A-level German courses with up to 8 students. With regard to private tuition, my lessons are tailored to your needs and the time is arranged by us individually. So just contact me to arrange your lessons. As far as group classes are concerned, you will find my new courses below.

Our A-level German classes are held via Zoom to allow students who are not based in London to join. The app is free of charge to our clients and ideal for high-quality tuition. However, if you prefer in-person lessons, you could also join any of the courses mentioned below from our office in Hampstead.

During the Easter break, we will also offer an intensive A-level German course for final year students. You'll find further details below.

Our A-Level German Lessons

  • Available Online

    Private German lesson at our Hampstead office or online with an experi...

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    1 hr

    85 British pounds
  • Available Online

    Private German lesson at our Hampstead office or online with an experi...

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    1 hr 30 min

    125 British pounds
  • Available Online

    Private German lesson at our Hampstead office or online with an experi...

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    2 hr

    165 British pounds

Anna B., A-Level German 

"Jens is a brilliant teacher. I studied with him for 8 months via Skype to prepare for the language papers at German A-level. As a grammar teacher Jens is superb, both in explaining complex grammatical points and in particular in ensuring that his students develop a high level of accuracy. This is carried into all aspects of his teaching and provides an invaluable foundation. His lessons are always well-planned with excellent resources and consistently challenging and interesting discussion. He is good at both incorporating relevant work for the A-level while going far beyond simply preparing one 'for the exam'. Over the course of our lessons, I noticed a significant improvement in my German and I would certainly go back to Jens in the future if I wished to take the language further. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Richard K., GCSE and A-Level German 

"Jens is simply excellent. We have used him for my son's GCSE and A-level, and he is unwaveringly perfectionist, 100% professional and very easy to deal with. His teaching is comprehensive, covering written and spoken German and examination curricula in all detail."

Sam Rufler, A-Level German

"I would wholeheartedly recommend Jens as an ‘A’ level German tutor.
Jens is extremely knowledgeable and has superb people skills. He is kind, friendly, organised and focused.
Jens tutored my daughter Sasha, online, up to the May 2021 ‘A’ level exams. Sasha’s confidence and skills grew Immeasurably over this time and she was able to secure an A* in her German ‘A’ level, leading to a confirmed place at her first choice of university. Thank you so much Jens from Sasha and us, her parents x"

You will find more client reviews on Google​ and Trustpilot

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