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New Intensive German Courses With Only 5 Students

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Join one of our new intensive German courses and learn German fast. We offer courses for all levels- from beginner to advanced- that are taught by experienced native teachers and are designed for rapid progress in the language. Here is why you should learn German with us:

✅ Our German courses are taught by excellent native tutors with many years of teaching experience who know how to teach the language properly

✅ 5 star reviews on Google​ and Trustpilot.

✅ With only 5 permanent students, our classes offer the ideal setting to learn German quickly.

✅ Our German classes London offer flexibility: try the first class and if you enjoy it, you commit to just 5 classes at a time on dates when you are free to attend the class.

✅ We offer German courses for any schedule- before or after work, during the day, and on the weekend.



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