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Check out our new German Courses and learn German with only 5 Students per class

Learn German from scratch or improve your existing skills by joining one of our new German courses. Here is why you should sign up for a German course with us.

✅ Our German courses are taught by excellent native tutors with many years of teaching experience who know how to teach the language properly. ​ ✅ 5 star reviews on Google​ and Trustpilot. ✅ With only 5 permanent students, our classes offer the ideal setting to learn German quickly. ​ ✅ Our German classes offer flexibility: try the first class and if you enjoy it, you commit to just 5 classes at a time on dates when you are free to attend the class. ✅ We offer German courses for any schedule- before or after work, during the day, and on the weekend.

Find out more about our German courses here.

On our German Language Blog "Auf Deutsch, bitte!", you will find posts on how long it takes to learn German, a review of language learning apps Duolingo, Memrise, Babbel, Quizlet, and Busuu, and a comparison between dict.leo,, Linguee, and Collins online dictionaries, a post on very German things to do, the most beautiful German words, tricky false friends in English and German like ”bad” vs. Bad, the German kennen vs. wissen, the difference between sehr and viel, how modal verbs can help you speak German, as well as besuchen vs. besichtigen. We also cure your German grammar phobia with our posts explaining adjective ending rules in German, the difference between viel and viele, the German cases, rules on German genders, weak nouns in German, when to use ß in German, the Konjunktiv 2 in German, German word order, and many other topics. Just scroll through our blog and learn more about the language.

Learn more about our private German tuition, small-group German courses in London, and online German classes on our website.

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