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Missed the start date of our German classes? No problem. Catch up with our revision lessons

Updated: Jan 12

Unlike larger language schools whose courses have a specific start and end date, our German classes run on a rolling basis, which means that students are able to join our classes at any time, provided there is availability and they are at the required level. So you don't need to wait until a new course starts, you can join our classes any time.

If students are between two levels and prefer to join a higher level class or they missed a few important lessons on certain grammar topics, we offer revision lessons. In the these revision lessons we cover those topics that our students need to learn or revise and bring our students up to speed with what they missed. The rate of these revision lessons is £80 per hour, but the cost can be split with other students who also need to revise those topics. However, it is possible to book these lessons as 1:1 sessions as well.

Find out more about our German courses and revision lessons here.



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