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NEW Online German Courses with Experienced Native Teachers. Sign Up Now!

If you want to learn German from scratch or build on your existing skills, we have some exciting news for you. In the next two weeks, we’re going to start several new online German courses for students at beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. All our courses are small in size (with only 5 students), fast in terms of their pace, and taught by fully qualified native tutors. We also offer a lot more flexibility than other German language schools- and you didn’t expect Germans to be flexible, did you? 😅. Find out more here

On our blog, you find posts on German grammar- ranging from adjective ending rules in German, the German cases to German word order. We also have articles on the most common words and phrases in German, a comparison between online dictionaries like Linguee,, dict.leo and Collins, and a review of the apps Duolingo, Memrise, Babbel, Busuu, and Quizlet. So check out our blog.

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