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The German Names of the 50 Most Common Professions with English Translations

In any language, professions play a crucial role in society, representing the diverse array of skills and expertise individuals bring to the workforce. Whether you're studying German, considering a career change, or simply curious about the linguistic landscape of professions, understanding the German names of common occupations is valuable. In this blog post, we'll explore the German names of the 50 most common professions, accompanied by their English translations, providing insight into the vocabulary used to describe various careers in the German-speaking world. Gender neutral language that separates male and female form by a ":" is used whenever possible. In cases where male and female professions have slightly different spellings or even different words, they are listed separately.

50 Professions in German

  1. der Arzt/die Ärztin (Doctor)

  2. Lehrer:in (Teacher)

  3. Ingenieur:in (Engineer)

  4. die Krankenschwester/der Krankenpfleger (Nurse)

  5. Programmierer:in (Programmer)

  6. der Anwalt/die Anwältin (Lawyer)

  7. Verkäufer:in (Salesperson)

  8. der Psychologe/die Psychologin (Psychologist)

  9. Architekt:in (Architect)

  10. Mechaniker:in (Mechanic)

  11. Elektriker:in (Electrician)

  12. Buchhalter (Accountant)

  13. Friseur:in (Hairdresser)

  14. Journalist:in (Journalist)

  15. der Koch/die Köchin (Chef)

  16. Polizist:in (Police officer)

  17. Musiker:in (Musician)

  18. Übersetzer:in (Translator)

  19. Pilot:in (Pilot)

  20. Apotheker:in (Pharmacist)

  21. der Zahnarzt/die Zahnärztin (Dentist)

  22. Bäcker:in (Baker)

  23. Kellner:in (Waiter/Waitress)

  24. Physiotherapeut:in (Physiotherapist)

  25. Designer:in (Designer)

  26. Fotograf:in (Photographer)

  27. Gärtner:in (Gardener)

  28. Sekretär:in (Secretary)

  29. Schauspieler:in (Actor/Actress)

  30. der Tierarzt/die Tierärztin (Veterinarian)

  31. Sozialarbeiter:in (Social worker)

  32. Optiker:in (Optician)

  33. Tischler:in (Carpenter)

  34. der Barkeeper/die Barkeeperin (Bartender)

  35. Chemiker:in (Chemist)

  36. Buchhändler:in (Bookseller)

  37. der Feuerwehrmann/die Feuerwehrfrau (Firefighter)

  38. Künstler:in (Artist)

  39. der Banker, die Bankerin (Banker)

  40. Fitnesstrainer:in (Fitness trainer)

  41. IT-Spezialist:in (IT specialist)

  42. Wissenschaftler:in (Scientist)

  43. Reiseführer:in/Gästeführer:in (Tour guide)

  44. Hausmeister:in (Caretaker)

  45. Metzger:in (Butcher)

  46. der Rechtsanwalt/die Rechtsanwältin (Attorney)

  47. Übersetzer:in (Interpreter)

  48. Schreiner:in (Joiner)

  49. Gärtner:in (Gardener)

  50. der Kaufmann/die Kauffrau (Merchant)

Learning the German names of common professions not only enriches your vocabulary but also deepens your understanding of the German-speaking world's workforce. Whether you're planning to work, study, or travel in a German-speaking country, familiarity with these professions' names can facilitate communication and cultural exchange. Keep exploring and expanding your vocabulary to navigate the diverse world of professions with confidence and fluency in German.



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