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Learning German post-Brexit

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

A lot has been written and speculated since the referendum about what Brexit actually means, the effects it might have on the UK and on Europe. Yet, one thing is certain: in a globalised world, no country can survive alone. So interacting with other nations and people remains as important as it's been before for the UK. Perhaps it becomes even more important post-Brexit as agreements will need be renegotiated and new deals be made.

It is in this context that foreign languages do play a vital role, and German in particular. Why? In this phase of uncertainty and beyond, being able to communicate with business partners and companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in German will make your message even more effective because your German-speaking counterpart will interpret the fact that you made the effort to learn German as a clear sign that you and your company value the German-speaking market and believe in its continued importance. As good as their English might be, you won't be able to communicate that message as effectively in English as you will in German.


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