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German Language Level Assessments For Free

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

You studied German before but are unsure of your current level? No problem. Olesen Tuition- one of the UK's leading German language schools- offers 15 minute Zoom sessions with an experienced native tutor who will determine your level of German.

Our assessments, which include reading, listening comprehension, speaking, and occasionally even written exercises, are free of charge, but you need to commit to at least one of our group classes in order to book. All of our German courses are taught by experienced native tutors and have a maximum number of only 5 students per class. The rate of our German classes is £40 for our 90 minutes.

On our German language blog "Auf Deutsch bitte!", you will find many helpful posts on German grammar. From explanations on the German articles, and word order in the German language to the passive voice in German, on our blog you will find the answers to your questions with regard to all things German. Well, most things.



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