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How Do You Say Happy Easter in German?

Updated: Mar 30

It's just a few days before Easter now so many German students of mine wonder how to wish someone "happy Easter" in German. Here is my answer.

For festive holidays such as Easter and Christmas, we normally use the adjective "froh" which translates as "happy" or "merry" and combine it with the noun for the occasion. In short, when we want to wish someone happy Easter we say "frohe Weihnachten!"

"April, April" is what Germans say when they fooled you on the 1st of April as I did just now 🤪 Did you fall for it? "Weihnachten" is the German word for Christmas, whereas "Ostern" is Easter 😅

Also frohe Ostern an alle! So happy Easter everyone!

P.S: We're not there yet and I personally am not prepared to think about winter, but in case you're wondering: we would also say "frohe Weihnachten" to wish someone "merry Christmas".

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