Brilliant German compound nouns- and what they actually mean

Long German compound nouns

When you hear or read anything about the German language chances are people complain about how awful the language sounds- only voiced by those who don't speak the language- how difficult German grammar is- true, but unlike other European languages, it is quite logical for the most part- or how long some German words are. What people don't often discuss is how brilliant some of those German compound nouns are. Yes, most of them are quite long, yet they usually offer a quite insightful take on a concept.

One of my favourite German words is “Fingerspitzengefühl”, literally the feeling you have in your finger tips, which captures quite vividly that kind of sensitivity that is required in certain emotionally charged situations. Another example of a word I love is "Neugier" (curiosity), which literally means greed for new things. And don't we all know the feeling of being "neugierig", greedy for new information?

I'm going to update this blog post with further examples as they come to me. Feel free to contact me with suggestions. Thanks for reading.

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