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How to Say to Cancel in German: A Guide to Absagen, Kündigen, Stornieren, and More

Cancellations often necessitate specific vocabulary to convey your intentions accurately. In the German language, various words are used to express the act of canceling something, depending on the context and what is being canceled. In this blog post, I will discuss different ways to say "to cancel" in German, with useful examples for each term.

Exploring different ways to say cancel in German

1. Absagen (To cancel an appointment or plan):

  • Example: "Ich muss das Treffen am Samstag absagen." (I have to cancel the meeting on Saturday.)

2. Stornieren (To cancel a reservation, a booking or an order):

  • Example: "Ich muss meine Hotelreservierung stornieren." (I need to cancel my hotel reservation.)

3. Kündigen (To cancel a subscription, a contract or membership):

  • Example: "Er hat beschlossen, seinen Vertrag zu kündigen." (He decided to cancel his contract.)

4. Zurücknehmen (To revoke or withdraw a statement, offer or promise):

  • Example: "Ich möchte meine Aussage zurücknehmen." (I want to cancel/withdraw my statement.)

5. Streichung (A cancellation, annulation, or removal in an official context):

  • Example: "Die Streichung des Fluges hat zu Verärgerung geführt." (The cancellation of the flight caused frustration.)

6. Abbestellen (To cancel a subscription):

  • Example: "Ich möchte das Abonnement der Zeitung abbestellen." (I want to cancel the newspaper subscription.)

7. Aufheben (To cancel an agreement or revoke a law):

  • Example: "Die Regierung plant, das Gesetz aufzuheben." (The government plans to cancel the law.)

8. Rückgängig machen (To cancel or reverse actions or alterations):

  • Example: "Du kannst die Änderungen rückgängig machen, wenn nötig." (You can cancel/reverse the changes if necessary.)

9. Kippen (To overturn a ruling or judgment):

  • Example: "Das Gericht hat das Urteil gekippt." (The court canceled/overturned the verdict.)

One final note on grammar. Almost half of the aforementioned words are separable verbs in German (absagen, zurücknehmen, abbestellen, aufheben). So be mindful when using them in a sentence.

These terms offer various ways to express the act of canceling in German, each suited to specific situations. Depending on what you need to cancel, whether it's an appointment, reservation, subscription, or a decision, choosing the appropriate term will ensure clear and effective communication in the German language. So, the next time you find yourself needing to cancel something, you'll have the right word at your disposal.

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