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Learn German in a small class with an excellent native tutor

Some of our new German courses include

Tuesdays 6.15-7.45pm A1.1 in South Kensington

Tuesdays 7.45-9.15pm B2.1 in South Kensington

Wednesdays 6-7.30pm A2.1 in Hampstead/online

Wednesdays 7-8.30pm A1.1 online

Thursdays 6-7.30pm A1.2 in Hampstead/online

Thursdays 7.35-9.05pm A2.1 in Hampstead/online

Saturdays 11.30-1pm B1.1 online

Sundays 4-5.30pm B2.1 in Hampstead/online

Sundays 5-6.30pm A1.1 online

Only 5 students per class. Try the first class at the rate of £40 for 90 minutes. Learn more about our German courses in London and online and sign up now.

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