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Hello! I'm Jens. I'm the founder and director of Olesen Tuition- one of London's leading German language schools. I'm an Oxford-educated German tutor with over 25 years of experience in teaching the German language and I have successfully taught thousands of clients. On this blog, you will find my tips on how to learn German from scratch or improve your existing skills, all based on my first-hand experience of teaching clients at all proficiency levels and from diverse backgrounds. Their clever questions have inspired many posts on this blog.  I regularly write and update posts explaining the infamous German grammar and shed light on nuanced distinctions in the language. So if you're looking for answers to particular questions or you just want to improve your German more generally, you have come to the right place! I also publish posts that might be of interest to those who are learning other languages, such as an A-Z guide to grammar terminology, an explanation on the different language levels from A1 to C2, reviews of the most popular online dictionaries and language learning apps, and I offer some insights on how to learn vocabulary.

Using my blog is easy. Search for answers to your German grammar questions by typing your questions in the site search below or use the menu with the main topics. Please leave me comments and questions you might have and I'll get back to you. After all, your question might inspire a new post. And don't forget to subscribe to this blog to be informed about my latest posts. Happy reading!

General Guides to Learning German

- The ultimate guide to learning German

- The 5 most common mistakes in German and how to avoid them

- 5 interesting facts about the German language

- 10 essential grammar topics students at B1 and B2 level must master

- 10 most important German grammar topics for C1 and C1 students

Posts for Beginners in German

- differences between the English and the German alphabet

- the numbers in German

- how to say dates and months in German?

- how to discuss daily routines in German?

- how to give directions in German?

- how to order a meal in German?

- how to check into a hotel in German?

- how do you German? Helpful words and phrases 

- how to say please and thank you in German

- how to introduce yourself in German

- understanding "es gibt" in German and how to use it

- 10 grammar rules beginners must learn

- a beginners guide to German word order

- beginner's guide to nominative and accusative in German

- a beginner's guide to German genders

- a beginner's guide to adjective declensions in German

GCSE German

How to get a 9 in GCSE German

- GCSE German sample essays

- how to write excellent essays in the GCSE German writing exam 

- how to prepare for the listening, reading, writing papers in GCSE German

- how to prepare for the GCSE German speaking exam

- mastering translations in GCSE German

- 10 most important GCSE German grammar topics to revise


A-Level German

- How to get an A* in A-level German

- The 10 most important German grammar topics for A-level German

- How to write excellent A-level German essays

- How to prepare for the A-level German speaking exam

- How to prepare for the A-level German IRP 

- How to prepare for the A-level German listening, reading, writing paper

- A-level German revision guide on Der Besuch der alten Dame

- A-level German revision guide: Der Vorleser

- A-level German revision guide: Die Verwandlung

- A-level German revision guide: Das Leben der Anderen

- A-level German revision guide: Goodbye Lenin

- A-level German revision guide: Sophie Scholl-die letzten Tage

Facts about the German Language

interesting facts about the German language

- the fascinating world of the German language

- 10 mistakes German native speakers make in their own language

- is the German language hard to learn?

- how many words does the German language have?


- adjective ending rules in German

- comparatives and superlatives in German

- adjectival nouns in German

- viel vs. viele- the difference in German


- Adverbs in German: Add Nuance to Your Expressions

- Tekamolo- how to structure adverbs in German sentences

- am meisten vs. meistens in German

- sehr vs. viel- how to use them in German

- Am Morgen vs. morgens

- gern, lieber, am liebsten


- how to use articles and cases in German

- struggling with the accusative and dative case in German?

- German verbs with the accusative, dative case and both cases

- the dative case in German

- the genitive case in German

- gender rules in German

- German plural rules

- negation of nouns in German

- compound nouns in German

- weak nouns in German


- German prepositions

two-way prepositions in German

- accusative prepositions in German

- dative prepositions in German

- genitive prepositions in German

- temporal prepositions im, am, um

- seit vs. vor- the difference in German

- bei vs. mit in German

- the difference between aus and von in German

- the difference between an and auf

- aus vs. von in German

- how to express emotions using vor and aus in German

- nach vs. zu

- spatial prepositions an, auf, in, nach, zu in German

- verbs with prepositions in German


- pronouns in German

- on how to use "du", Sie" and "ihr in German

- mir vs.mich

- reflexive pronouns in German

- sein vs. ihr

- the German pronoun "man"


- conjugation of German verbs in the present tense

- German modal verbs

- how to use müssen in German

- difference between müssen and brauchen

- how to use dürfen in German

- sollen vs. sollten 

- the difference between möchten and mögen

- separable verbs

- reflexive verbs in German

- German verbs with the accusative and dative case

- dative only verbs in German

- negation of German verbs or adjectives

- Perfect tense in German

- Präteritum/imperfect tense in German

- Plusquamperfect/past perfect tense in German

- future tense (Futur I) in German

- future II tense in German

- the difference between Partizip I and II in German

- passive voice in German

- reported speech (Konjunktiv I) in German

- conditional (Konjunktiv II) in German

Word Order

- word order rules in German

- German coordinating conjunctions

- compound conjunctions in German

- aber vs. sondern

- the difference between weil, da, denn

- weil vs. deshalb in German

- als vs. wenn in German

- wenn vs. falls vs. ob

- conditional clauses in German

- the difference between obwohl and trotzdem in German

- um...zu vs. damit

- how to use dass in German

- nachdem vs. danach, bevor vs. vorher

- infinitive clauses in German

- relative clauses in German

- direct and indirect questions in German

- comma rules in German

Confusing German words and phrases

- busy in German

- false friends in English and German

- how to say I'm hot and I'm cold in German

- Happy Valentine's day in German

- Happy Mother's day in German

- Happy Easter in German

- how do you say "Merry Christmas" in German?

- Happy New Year in German

- most beautiful German words

- German sayings and proverbs and what they actually mean

- best German songs to improve your German

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